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Bulbs Burning Out Too Quickly

1. The wattage of the bulb is too high. This is very common. Most light fixtures with glass covers have a maximum rating of 60 watts per bulb. It is very common for people to put in 75 watt or even 100 watt bulbs into these fixtures. The result is bulbs burning out much too quickly. Use the correct wattage bulbs in all your light fixtures.
2. Poor-quality lights bulbs. Use only major-brand light bulbs.

3. Voltage to your home may be too high. If your voltage is over 120 volts you may want to try using 130 volt light bulbs. They may burn dimmer but should last longer with the elevated voltage.

4. Mysterious light fixture problem. It's mysterious because the light fixture LOOKS perfectly fine, and even electricians can't find anything wrong with it. Nevertheless, after checking #1 and #2 above, if the bulbs keep burning out... Replace the light fixture.

5. Use a dimmer on the problem bulbs. If you use a preset dimmer at 80% light output then you should see an increase in bulb life of over 2 times the rated life and you will use less energy.


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